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The LMOD Team

Jesse Ferraro

Jesse Ferraro: Team Lead & Producer Jesse's Linked-In Profile Email Jesse

Jesse Ferraro: Team Lead & Producer

Jesse graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Studio Arts in 1998 from Davidson College. After a summer internship as a Story P.A. at DreamWorks Feature Animation in Glendale, CA, he attended the Interactive Telecommunications Program offered by NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, from which he graduated with a M.P.S. degree in 2001.

After working as a web developer, designer, and programmer for over a decade, Jesse decided it was time for a change and applied to and was accepted by the University of Utah’s EAE:MGS program in 2011. Upon entering the program, Jesse found himself in an exciting position where he could apply his extensive experience with graphic & user interface design, animation, and programming for video game development, as well as using his ability to communicate and solve technical and creative problems that always arise from the disparity of various digital technologies.

The culmination of this Masters’ program included a final thesis, whereby three video games were selected for finalization from a group of seven prototypes which were presented by the class. As producer, Jesse pitched his game to a panel of industry professionals and professors, resulting in his game being chosen as one of the three final thesis games. Jesse found this experience very rewarding and most gratifying.

After all the producers, engineers and artists were reorganized into 3 teams, Jesse was designated the role of Team Lead on Last March of the Dodos. Beyond fulfilling his producer related responsibilities, which included task & team management, addressing meta-game issues as they arose, as well as pitching and presenting the game on several occasions, Jesse assisted with aspects of the game’s design, including modifying and polishing the gameplay mechanisms that would give a player more agency and motivation to play - such as the achievement system, of which he created the initial set. Jesse also assumed the role of art director and designer as he gave the artists essential direction in regards to the art style and functionality of the game’s 2D art and user interface. Jesse provided temporary art whenever it was required and also filled the role of the texture artist, as he developed and modified the textures for just about every 3D model (with the exception of the Dodo and the Tiger shark) as well as those used for the different levels within the game.

Jesse graduated from the University of Utah in 2013 with a Masters of Fine Arts and is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a great team as well as to improve his working knowledge and skills as producer and game developer. He is prepared and excited to participate in the gaming industry!

Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson: Game Designer & Associate Producer Troy's Linked-In Profile Email Troy

Troy Johnson: Game Designer & Associate Producer

Troy has loved video games since he was old enough to remember - but not just playing them. Though he was never the greatest freehand artist, he filled years' worth of notebooks with doodles and sketches to express his video game ideas.

Originally pursuing a degree in music, he switched his college major to mass communication technology, hoping that by learning a combination audio and visual media, sound design, video productions, and web development, he could build a foundation of skills necessary to work in the video games industry.

A year away from graduating with his bachelor's degree, he discovered the University of Utah's Master Games Studio, and he focused all of his efforts on getting accepted into the program. That program - a combination of team-based game development and mentoring from incredible teachers who had years of industry experience - was exactly the environment he needed to finally reach his dream.

After earning his MFA in game production with an emphasis in game design, he began an internship with Disney Interactive's Avalanche Software. The internship soon turned into a full-time position, and he now works on the design team for Disney's largest video game initiative ever, Disney Infinity.

Charlie Mimnaugh

Charlie Mimnaugh: Level Designer & 3D Modeler Charlie's Linked-In Profile Email Charlie

Charlie Mimnaugh: Level Designer & 3D Modeler

Charlie Mimnaugh, a graduate of the 2013 EAE:MGS program, has designed and developed several prototyped games, including:

On Last March of the Dodos, Charlie modeled all of the game levels based off the game designer's sketches, he also built some and refined many of the 3D models in the game as well as polished some of the rigging and animation of these models. Charlie designed, modeled and painted the tigershark which aside from the dodo, is our game's only other character.

Charlie is currently working on Disney Infinity at Avalanche Software as a Marketing Artist. At Avalanche he builds levels that are used in screenshots and trailers.

Charlie's website: www.charlesmimnaugh.com

Christine Olinquevitch

Christine Olinquevitch: UI & 2D Artist Christine's Linked-In Profile Email Christine

Christine Olinquevitch: UI & 2D Artist

Chris has a passion for developing visually stunning and immersive computer artwork, in which she applies her academic skills as well as works to expand upon her professional experience as a User Interface Designer and Game Artist in the exciting video game industry.

She graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a BA in Integrated Studio Art, Emphasis in Graphic Design and a Minor in Advertising. After completing her undergraduate degree, she pursued a Masters degree at the University of Utah's Entertainment Arts & Engineering Master Game Studio with a focus on developing and creating art for video games.

Regarding Last March of the Dodos, she worked as a 2D concept and User Interface artist. Consequently, she helped provide, for our game, a visual bridge which unified our gameplay mechanic and theme with its visual aesthetic.

Moreover, she has worked on a video game art installation for The Leonardo, a science museum in Salt Lake City and currently is employed as an intern working on User Interface Design at Smart Bomb Interactive.

Brandon Rees

Brandon Rees: Technical Artist Brandon's Linked-In Profile Email Brandon

Brandon Rees: Technical Artist

Brandon graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film & Media Arts in 2011 and a Masters of Science in Computing in 2013 at the University of Utah. While attending the University of Utah, he worked on several games and prototypes including two that were published on XBLIG: The Last Pod Fighter and Rapunzel’s Fight Knight.

On Last March of the Dodos, Brandon utilized his talents as a skilled technical artist and created just about every 3D model utilized in the game. Moreover, he also rigged and animated those models which required movement, such as some of the traps as well as our main character - the dodo - whose model he spent countless hours improving and refining until it reconciled our initial vision into a reality.

As a professional in the video game industry, Brandon is employed as an Associate Technical Artist at EA, where he is currently working on NBA Live ’14.

Kamron Egan

Kamron Egan: Original Game Concept & Tech Lead Kamron's Linked-In Profile Email Kamron

Kamron Egan: Original Game Concept & Tech Lead

Kamron graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2011 and a Masters of Computing in 2013 at the University of Utah. While attending the University of Utah, Kamron worked as a teaching assistant for the Computer Science department while he continued his studies. Additionally, he also worked on several publish video games titles during his stay there, such as Mr. Gravity on Xbox Live Indie Games.

On Last March of Dodos, Kamron created the original concept and design for the game during an undergraduate course in the EAE program. After a few years of refinement, the game was selected as as a Master's thesis and went into development. During development, Kamron focused on progamming both gameplay and user interface systems as the teams lead engineer.

As a professional in the video game industry, Kamron has worked for Disney Interactive on the recently released title Disney Infinity. On the title, he worked as a Gameplay Programmer, focusing on implementing gameplay mechanics and improving the existing gameplay controls system.

As a gamer, Kamron enjoys playing RPG titles - especially Japanese RPG's. Some of his favorite games include Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series, as well as MMORPG's such as EverQuest and World of Warcraft.

Felix Lau

Felix Lau: Programmer Felix's Linked-In Profile Felix Jesse

Felix Lau: Programmer

Felix graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2011 and a Masters of Computing in 2013 at the University of Utah. His expertise lies in game play programming having worked on various systems such as A.I., collision, and UI systems just to name a few. During his years in the Masters program, Felix worked at React Games as a gameplay programmer.

On Last March of the Dodos, Felix helped work on the user interface system, and implemented various gameplay systems such as the Trap Store and the player profiles. He also created several tools to help improve efficiency such as a level editor and a trap editor.

Felix has also worked on several published iOS mobile games such as Monopoly zAPPed built with the Cocos2D and Unity3D game engines. He also interned at EA Tiburon on Madden NFL's core tech team during his last semester creating tools to improve work flow efficiency for all of the other game teams for the recently released Madden 25.

Derek Higgs

Derek Higgs: Programmer Derek's Linked-In Profile Email Derek

Derek Higgs: Programmer

Derek enjoys playing video games, mostly RPG and puzzles, as well as reading, and programming. Derek attended Cedar High School where he was awarded the Sterling Scholar in Mathematics for the class of 2005. At Southern Utah University, he discovered that programming came easy to him, so he decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

When Derek wasn't buried in code, he and a group of fellow computing comrades would go out to Lin's for their deli dog specials; too bad they didn't have specials on deli dodo birds...

Derek obtained his bachelor degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics in 2011. At the University of Utah, he gained some great teamwork experiences and learned valuable programming techniques for developing games from accomplished professionals. He received his Masters in Video Game Engineering in March 2013.

Eric Levin

Eric Levin: Programmer Eric's Linked-In Profile Email Eric

Eric Levin: Programmer

Eric is a creative coding enthusiast who is passionate about creative coding, interactive storytelling and collaborative art.

Regarding Last March of the Dodos, he worked on camera and traps, such as the bomb, and had a blast doing it!

His website can be found at: ericrius1.github.io

Darby Bailey

Darby Bailey: Music & Sound FX Darby's Linked-In Profile Email Darby

Darby Bailey: Music & Sound FX

Darby Bailey is a successful voiceover artist, musician and entrepreneur. She is a voice announcer for the University of Utah gymnastics team and is currently one of the most widely heard voices on the telephone in the U.S. (heard by millions of people every day.) Darby started a music publishing company, Pip Projects, Inc. after her success in voiceover, to further her music endeavors in film, television and games. She recently joined the founding team of SonicCloud, a Bay Area startup, as VP of Creative Development.

Although Darby Bailey was not a student in the EAE:MGS program, she is an alumna of the University of Utah. Towards the game's final development cycle, she was outsourced as the game's Sound Engineer as it became increasingly clear the in-house team did not have sufficient resources to create the extensive library of theme music and sound effects, which she consequently provided.

Last March of the Dodos was Darby's first game project, and she enjoyed creating both sound design elements and music for the game. Working with Team Lead Jesse Ferraro, she created multiple versions of both music and sound design elements based on his recommendations. Seeing her work live in-game for the first time was one of the most enjoyable production experiences she's had to date.

Darby holds a BA In Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles.

Darby's Music publishing website: www.pipprojects.com